Children always feel at home in the Ossa and it is them who frequently convince their parents to come with them to the hotel. We can watch them grow as we see them several times per year – we know one another very well. It is for the children that we have created special programmes and offers in the hotel. Not only the best animation programme in Poland, but even an innovative offer Conference with your Child because a conference or business meeting in the Ossa need not mean leaving your family behind as our animation staff will look after your child while you are attending to your business.

Children can feel as protagonists of a fantastic tale when we give them the hotel for them to run and rule during a long May weekend. It is for the children we have created a special programme Trip Kids Zone for children 4 -14 years old in all Grupa TRIP hotels. Each child receives a special personalized ID card. They collect stickers, and it takes just six of them to win an extra 2 days’ stay in any of our hotels.